Based in New York City, Dutrition NYC is dedicated to inspire and motivate you to nourish your body from the inside out with food that is high quality, truly good for you and fits your busy lifestyle! I started this company to share my knowledge and passion for nutrition, fitness, and wellness. I look forward to guiding others in their pursuit of living a balanced lifestyle.

My personal goal as a nutritionist is to convince you that eating healthfully matters. More importantly, Iā€™m here to explain why and how eating certain foods can help you bring out your highest potential and make your body and mind feel amazing. Knowledge is power and we all deserve to know how our food choices impact our bodies. 

Here you will find simply wholesome recipes, quick nutrition tips, and wellness advice designed to show you how to live honestly nourished. Using my nutrition expertise, I hope to decode and distill the ever-evolving science of nutrition into a form that is accessible to everyone. Filtering out the noise, focusing on the facts, and going back to the basics.