Nutrition Services:

Initial Consultation

(15 minutes)

Initial session by phone to discuss nutrition goals. Please contact me to schedule your consultation at 347-413-3044.



Initial Nutrition Session

(60 minutes)

During your first appointment, information will be collected regarding your current eating habits, health history, schedule, exercise routine and any concerns you may have. You will receive an individualized designed to fit your current lifestyle. It is not a diet or short term strategy, but the first step in developing lifelong healthy eating habits.

Price: $60


 Follow-up Session

(30 minutes)

Follow up appointments address further education needs, progress towards your goals and will provide strategies to help with challenges or problem areas. You are welcome to arrange as many follow up sessions as you’d like however I will recommend the frequency that fits your needs best. 

Price: $40



Initial Nutrition Session + 3 Follow-up Sessions

Price: $160


Initial Nutrition Session + 6 Follow-up Sessions

Price: $250


Initial Nutrition Session + 9 Follow-up Sessions

Price: $325


Additional Follow-up Sessions:


3 Follow-up Sessions

Price: $105


6 Follow-up Sessions

Price: $195


9 Follow-up Sessions

Price: $270


Add Ons:

Grocery Store Tour

(30 | 60 minutes)

I will meet you at the grocery store of your choice or my recommendation within the New York City (5 borough) area for an informative tour. I will show you how to make better food choices, understand food labels, clarify food ingredients, and answer all of your food and nutrition questions.

Price: $50 | $80


Pantry & Refrigerator Analysis

(120 minutes)

We will assess your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, freezer, and develop a smart shopping list to make your next supermarket visit seamless and cost-effective.

Price: $100


All Inclusive: 

Initial Nutrition Session + 9 Follow-up Sessions + Grocery Store Tour (60 minutes) + Pantry & Refrigerator Analysis 

Price: $500